Do you need to FACEBOOK your love?

“I love you hon….” reads the Facebook status of one of my female friend. No doubt she loves her boyfriend and now that her status reads such, i believe everything between them is going good. But i am not very much supportive of relationship based status on Facebook.

And then there are poets.  kinda like me. 🙂 . There must be an obsession about writing “butterfly lines”(love related Facebook status) to your anonymous love. “ sunshine in a  smile..” reads a status of one of my poetic friend. And then I know his next status will be verses of bad poetry.

Even my friends have suffered bad lines from me.Sorry,I try to tell them how magical it was to see that girl on Public transport and her yellow dress reminded me of spring. That’s exactly what my mind is full of and evidently it shows up on my status. I posted a whole poem trying to glamorize the ubiquitous existence of her yellow dress inside my head. And then there are those with hopeful heart  and those with broken ones too. All marketing the state of their desire, busy posting lines from unknown novels.

Relationship statuses serve very important purpose especially in a girls life. They make clear of her Availability. When a girl switches her relationship status from anything else to single- trust me- she will be bombarded with requests for her phone number. So a status like- “I love you hon….” does actually keep a lot of prying males at bay. A friend of mine, she created a fake boyfriend (yeah ! she even had a picture of her fake boyfriend) just to escape the frenzy of Facebook hopefuls. She tells me it works.

Butterfly lines does help boys too. It helps them to re- impress a girl they have already impressed. “When i see you it’s feels like mentos in my eyes“. Only your girlfriend likes that, so that ‘help’ actually isn’t really helpful because impressing your girlfriend with Facebook status only flirts with her commitment level.Dangerous, not recommended. Unless that’s what you want to do.

The other thing about butterfly lines, males do not like to advertise their relationship, I know this because I do not. However, the exception to this rule is – if your girlfriend looks like Adriana Lima. in which case, you will actually post her and yours picture as your profile picture. A little flaunting is okay sometimes.

But mostly, when I read statuses that serve only to advertise. It really boggles my mind, why would anyone like the public display of  their affection?

is it really important for the whole world to know this...?


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