10 Reasons I LOVE winter

Summer is utterly glamorized. There are schemes for summer shopping and then events that target the rainfall that happens in summer and all that. But i feel winter is better. And I Know I am not alone here. I have met people who too believe winter is better than summer, However I

have met another bunch who just hate everything about winter. Here I present 10 reasons why I love winter.

1. Better Motorcycle Experience

Winter is better than summer for bikers because simply put it doesn’t rain much. But then you would argue winter is too cold to be riding a bike. To some extent yes, but winter gives us an opportunity to be well geared and ride our respective motorcycles. Whereas in summer we’d be riding on with our slippers and t-shirts. That is no way one should ride a motorcycle. And yes I hate motorbike raincoat too. So in winter with our jackets and gloves and a full face helmet and chest guard we feel well equipped and biking is more fun and safe too.




2. Food becomes better esp mo:mo !

I think everyone agrees with me on this one. Coffee becomes elixir, hot food becomes gold. and eating mo:mo on a cold winter day is like heaven on earth.




3. You can sleep longer

The sun bids goodbye at about 5:30 and then it wont be coming out until 7 in the morning. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP ! Unless you have exams!

4. Girls are prettier


All that cold cream actually works. And then everyone is well dressed and covered in sweaters  and coats. DAMN they look cute! (must be pashmina wool)

Plus almost every girl in your college will have rosy cheeks  🙂 / or rosy nose, which is fine until it doesn’t drip.




5. Hair style….. what hairstyle?

Wear a cap, DONE ! isn’t this GOOOOOOOD !

6. We get to be SLOW

Yeah! you can feel slow and lazy and not shave for days ! walk slowly, talk slowly, turn slowly. Life is all about being laid back. Don’t arrange your bed on Saturday because you will be needing that quilt now and then.

7. Mountains and Snow

photographed by samip dhungel

winter hills

Need I say more? From my room I can see mountains from Langtang to Gaurishankar, but for that you need to be living in an awesome place like Dhulikhel ! Anyway, if you’re not you can visit places like Dhulikhel and see them majestic lords !

And if it gets too cold, expect some snowfall 🙂

8. Load shedding

Everyone hates it, me too. but for school kids and well, okay university youths too, load shedding means unproductive hours. now who Doesn’t like doing nothing at all ?

Plus during load shedding hours family members sit in the same room and talk, hadn’t we stopped doing that? No TV or Computer but only quality Family time, awesome.

9. Reduced bath rate

It’s cold, what do you think I am -Polar bear?

10. Better playing days

If you’re a wuss who only plays Computer Games you might/will  not understand what i am trying to say but for those who actually play,  sports becomes extra fun in winters. You will not sweat much, nor the sun will burn you and then you will feel hot while you play. feel good.


One thought on “10 Reasons I LOVE winter

  1. Agreee!!!!!!!!!!! Winter lovers love winter and the cold air just like they are being refreshed every second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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