One in Seven Billion

When I was younger than today, almost half as young I had just moved to Birgunj. We had moved there from Narayan-garh after my father changed his job. And I was to appear for the entrance exam in one of the schools there. I didn’t get admitted because they could not accommodate more than 20 students that year and my grades were lower than the first 20 applicants.

Almost 10 years later, I tried to get into Pulchowk Engineering College; I couldn’t get into the college because the competition was very fierce. Partly my academic spark which burns a little dim than most is to blame but what I want to emphasize here is the relation between resources and population.

The world population hit 7 billion last week and that means dividends of the resources on this planet have increased. We tend to focus more on natural resources but population pressure on man-made resources like education and health facility also mounds.

The government has limited monetary resource and government colleges have limited seats too. In private colleges if you can afford, you get educated but what about all the ones left out. It’s a fair challenge to ensure that no group enjoys the earth’s resource more than its righteous share. And who can take that challenge?

I am one single individual among 7 billion, if you ask Mr. Darwin and he would say my chances of survival is slim. And not only is mine but also the chances of sustaining the natural environment on the planet earth is slim as well. More people charge more demand on goods, which means more production and more industries and therefore more carbon injected into the system. Enhanced supply will toll enhanced load on the fragile balance of the environment.

Another important fact is that we outnumber and therefore rule this planet, overshadowing millions of other species and unknown number of living things that too depend on the resource that we claim as our birth right. It becomes important to put into perspective the survival of every species because Mother Nature has discriminately blessed us more than our brothers.

Two babies are born every second, and it is more than obvious that they need their share of food, water and shelter. Not only this, they will need a lot of other things- cars, phones, clothes, property and energy. Limited resource, unlimited war.

Every day we move our hands and legs to do the things that will ensure our survival, things like going to college, going to work, building a power plant, vote and fight rival nations. We are at a constant state of war. I am an individual and naturally I’m at war with 7 billion like me.


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