I’ve got dreams to realize and equations to remember !

I remember the time when my father bought me a cycle. it was red and had yellow sticker. i also remember my friends chasing me, running behind me while i cycled through the rough Chitwan roads.

Come gravel or pit, there was no stopping it.

I now realize,  it’s not really an important thing to remember. it must have been about 12 years ago. and i clearly have it in my head like a HD video.

It’s hard to forget. Now I’ll tell you what’s hard to remember.

I’ve been tryin and tryin to remember a bunch of physics derivation and all i really remember is SUPPOSE.and it’s not a memory 12 years old, not even 12 months, and my nerves ring no shit about it!

I suppose  too. Matter of fact, i suppose hell lot of things.( AND these suppositions are substantial ideas , Mr. Maxwell. And no!  i don’t dig on others hard work and trouble the world with my stupid ideas)

I suppose, i hadn’t had this hurdle to jump over to  realize my dream, my dream ain’t becoming an engineer but getting a bachelors degree, that’s it! pretty modest one i have, ain’t it?
and suppose a stupid boy who chooses the hardest way to do it. represented by me.

Do you  equate with me?


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