नाम घर ठेगाना


The only place that is home

to my feet are my socks

and the dirt stuck in my shoes

does not smell of any particular local booze

Where do I come from?

कुन चौतारी ? कुन पधेरी ?

The only place that is home

to my feet are my own- Socks

The sound of a rickshaw ride

to the touch of a river side – rocks

The breeze under the trees smell of the needle leaves- cold

Shiva on relief, I recycle my beliefs- old

Where do I find, the kind if my kind, in a state?

This isn’t right; why do I feel inside, the push of a blind hate?

The city that I sleep in

the bus rides that I weep in

The story of my origin

The souveneir that I am keeping

On my skin, on my tone

The type of my nose-

it looks like it’s got a bone

but when I write on my own

as long as my verses are strong

I will always find a home

I have found shape in smoke

the light in चुरोट, someone else was burning

In poems that I wrote,

I found my metaphors, shivering in early mornings

I have found home in books that I did not read

found joy in friends, I thought I did not need

I have found a heart to wander, however it looks

I have found traces of myself in my grandfather’s books

My roots are spread in winds that bring monsoon every year

Am from the sky? the ground? underground?

from the inside of Bishnu’s ear ?

As some one who moves, and as someone so moved in the process;

I have known, they will ask, they will judge

Are you a बाहुन , बाहुन enough? how much?

Are you from हिमाल पहाड or मधेश ?

and very soon – they will ask १ २ ३ ४ ५ कुन ?

कुन प्रदेश ?

I am almost gypsy..

The road to my home, winds so much, it gets you tipsy

I have found home in travel bags and suitcase

in window seat of टाटा मोबिल that changed my address

I have found Jatras, pulling gods from one puja kotha to another

I have found in porters, sisters and brothers

I have found stories; in double coating old walls

I found the way I swing in the way she smiles;

heart broken when I had to change the school

I have found my broken heart longing to stay

long enough to

let love fall in place.